Selected Problems in Mathematical Modelling — Tuesday 6th April 2021

Dear colleagues, Dear students,

seminar Selected Problems in Mathematical Modelling will start on Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 17:20. We shall meet via ZOOM, the link to the ZOOM session, meeting ID and password follow.

Lectures will be given by Zuzana Procházková (On the internal gravity wave – atmospheric circulation interaction) and Jana Trdlicová (Blood flow modeling in cerebral aneurysm).

Selected Problems in Mathematical Modelling

Meeting ID: 978 7255 5182
Passcode: 455736

Summer semester 2020/2021

Summer semester will continue in the distance form. (For up-to-date information on measures regarding the coronavirus please see faculty webpages.) Please be in contact with your lecturers regarding the lectures schedule and access to online resources.

The traditional seminar Selected Problems in Mathematical Modelling (NMMO564) that is also known as the diploma thesis seminar will start in April. We are currently fixing the schedule. We recall that 1st year MSc. students are required to give a short presentation (15 minutes) on the the topic of their thesis and the objectives of the thesis, while 2nd year MSc. students are required to give a longer presentation (30 minutes) on the outcomes of their thesis. As in the last year Zdeňka Crkalová will attend the seminar, and she will try to comment on the quality of your presentation, and if you are interested, she will give you some tips on how to improve your presentation skills.

Deadline for diploma thesis submission (summer term) is 21st May 2021.

We would also like to draw your attention to the (relatively) new lecture Non-equilibrium thermodynamics in electrochemistry that will be given by Michal Pavelka.

Seminars BIOMAT 2021. MNat International School

BIOMAT 2021 Granada Mathematical Modeling, Mechanics and Biology

A course organized in a series of weekly seminars on current topics of mathematical modeling in developmental biology, biophysics, biomechanics and biomedicine aimed at researchers in training and the entire scientific community.

List of extended 1-hour seminars starting at 16:30 hours (EU time). They are open seminars but require prior registration at


  • February 3: José Antonio Carrillo, University of Oxford, UK
    Aggregation-Diffusion models for differential adhesion and applications
  • February 10: Nicola Bellomo, University of Granada, Spain
    Mathematical Models for Covid-19 Pandemics in a Globally Connected World
  • February 17: Alex Mogilner, Courant Institute, New York, USA
    Mathematics of Mitotic Spindle
  • February 24: Anna Marciniak-Czochra, Heidelberg University, Germany
  • March 3: Benoît Ladoux , Jacques Monod Institute, CNRS & University of Paris, France
  • March 10: Thomas Hillen, University of Alberta, Canada
    Mathematical Modelling of Metastasis
  • March 17: Andreas Deutsch, Technical University of Dresden, Germany
    Collective effects in cancer invasion and progression
  • March 24: Philip Maini, University of Oxford, UK

Spotlight on young researchers: Martin Řehoř

Dear colleagues, Dear students,

We are frequently facing questions regarding our alumni. (What are they doing? Did they use the knowledge they gained during their studies?) We are happy that recently some people worked out this question for us in a very nice way.

Martin Řehoř is one of our former PhD students, and he has answered some of these questions in an interview posted on Luxembourg National Research Fund webpages. The interview was given on the occasion being awarded by the Industrial Fellowship, which is a research project involving both an industry partner (Rafinex) and an academic partner (University of Luxembourg).

Online workshop “Understanding locomotion: Nature-inspired mathematical models”

Dear Colleague,

we would like to bring to your attention the online workshop “Understanding locomotion: Nature-inspired mathematical models” which is going to take place on December 11th, 2020 on Zoom.For any information please visit the page 

where you can also register to the event (we will send you the link to the workshop at the email that you will provide), 

Please find attached the workshop poster.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Best regards,

Paolo Gidoni

Marco Morandotti

Marta Zoppello

Online lecture — professor Cleve Moler, Chief Mathematician, MathWorks : How the SVD Saves the Universe?

SIAM Student Chapter Prague would like to invite you to an online lecture of professor Cleve Moler, a chief mathematician, chairman, and cofounder of MathWorks. (Makers of Matlab and Simulink software.) Please see the attached poster and Student Chapter’s webpage ( for details.

List of bachelor/master thesis topics

Dear colleagues, Dear students,

Please see below for a regularly updated list of topics for Bc/MSc theses. The list contains only topics offered by people who sent us (Vít Průša, an email with a request for publication on our webpages. I recall that other topics can be found in the Study Information System, and that other people prefer to be contacted by students before they officially propose a topic for Bc/MSc thesis. If you want to contact someone, please do not hesitate to do so.

Zdeněk Mašín (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Charles University): Efficient computation of Coulomb integrals and their applications to collision problems in quantum mechanics

Topics of bachelor/master thesis — meeting

Dear colleagues, Dear students,

Please let me (Vít Průša, know — as soon as possible — whether you are interested in an online meeting wherein we would discuss prospective topics of bachelor/master theses. Please keep in mind that most of the prospective topics are not listed in the Study Information System, some people simply prefer to submit a topic into the Study Information System once they have discussed the details with the student who will work on the given topic. If you are interested we would meet together sometime in the week from 12th to 16th October.

Researchers who are interested in submitting a thesis topic can do it either via the Study Information System, or they can prepare a brief description of the topic. The thesis proposal can be subsequently posted at our webpage, or it can be presented in person at the meeting.

Update, 19th October 2020: The meeting will take place on 29th October 2020 at 19:10 via ZOOM, see the details below. Please log in with your real name and couple of minutes in advance.

Vít Průša is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Mathematical modelling — meeting with students
Time: Oct 29, 2020 07:10 PM Prague Bratislava

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