An introduction to mathematical homogenization

Stefan Krömer will teach an introductory course on homogenization. If you are interested, please see the details in the attached email.

I am writing to inform you about a small optional course I will be offering in Karlin in the upcoming summer term, “An introduction to mathematical homogenization” for Master or PhD students with a background in Analysis and PDEs:
The course will be held on Monday, 17:20–18:50 (after the Necas seminar, if possible I will try to move it to ~17:00-18:30, after the first lesson), in a seminar room on the third floor (next to the office of Milan Pokorny, I was told).

As this will be my first course in Karlin, I have to do my best to attract a few students, and I hope you can help me a little with advertising. In particular, please forward this to interested students you might know, or post it somewhere where people can see it.

Anyone interested should feel free to drop me an informal email, I’ll be happy to answer questions:

Best regards,
Stefan Krömer