Summer semester 2020/2021

Summer semester will continue in the distance form. (For up-to-date information on measures regarding the coronavirus please see faculty webpages.) Please be in contact with your lecturers regarding the lectures schedule and access to online resources.

The traditional seminar Selected Problems in Mathematical Modelling (NMMO564) that is also known as the diploma thesis seminar will start in April. We are currently fixing the schedule. We recall that 1st year MSc. students are required to give a short presentation (15 minutes) on the the topic of their thesis and the objectives of the thesis, while 2nd year MSc. students are required to give a longer presentation (30 minutes) on the outcomes of their thesis. As in the last year Zdeňka Crkalová will attend the seminar, and she will try to comment on the quality of your presentation, and if you are interested, she will give you some tips on how to improve your presentation skills.

Deadline for diploma thesis submission (summer term) is 21st May 2021.

We would also like to draw your attention to the (relatively) new lecture Non-equilibrium thermodynamics in electrochemistry that will be given by Michal Pavelka.