Schedule of presentations at the seminar NMMO564 Selected Problems of Mathematical Modelling/NMMO328 Bachelor Thesis Seminar

Dear students,

Attached you will find the tentative schedule of the seminar NMMO564 Selected Problems in Mathematical Modelling/NMMO328 Seminar for Bachelor Thesis. As you probably know, mathematical modelling students present intermediate results/assignments of their thesis at the seminar. MSc. D. students formally enroll in NMMO564 Selected Problems in Mathematical Modeling Seminar, BSc. students formally enroll in the seminar NMMO328 Seminar on Bachelor Thesis, but practically it is the same seminar, which is scheduled for Wednesdays 12:20 – 13:50 in the K5 classroom (Karlín) this year. The seminar is compulsory in the sense that we usually require it as a prerequisite for the credit for Diploma Thesis 1/2/3 and Bachelor Thesis – but of course we mainly want to be pleased with your results. Please do not forget to register for the seminar in SIS.

Please see the attached document for guidelines on the length of presentations and so forth. The schedule is tentative and we expect it to change. If you want to move your presentation to another date, please arrange the transfer with a specific person, we only need to know the result of your agreement (send an email to, Vít Průša), we do not want to enter into the negotiation process.

The schedule is based on the current data in SIS. If you have a thesis/bachelor’s thesis assigned and the thesis is not visible in SIS, please notify your thesis advisor/supervisor — he or she must process it through the SIS.

On behalf of the seminar organizers,

Vít Průša